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Honda Motorbikes

Honda Adventure

Honda Adventure

The adventure bike range aims to offer adaptability and freedom

Honda Supersport

Honda Supersport

Honda has a proud reputation in racing - their bikes frequently feature on the podium


Honda has just as big a reputation for its motorbikes as it does for its cars

Yamaha Motorbikes

Yamaha Off-Road

Yamaha Off-Road

The Off-Road range was designed primarily with off-road competition in mind

Yamaha Adventure

Yamaha Adventure

The Yamaha adventure range currently consists of six designs

Yamaha Motorbikes

Yamaha Motor Company moved into the market for two-wheelers in the 1950s

Triumph Motorbikes

Triumph Cruisers

Triumph Cruisers

The Cruiser range has old-school, classic designs, and will suit a variety of different riders

Triumph Classics

Triumph Classics

The Classics range aims to capture the design of old Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorbikes

British motorcycle make Triumph is one of the most popular in the UK

Suzuki Motorbikes

Suzuki Dual Sport

Suzuki Dual Sport

Like most Dual-Sport bikes, Suzuki's range is targeted towards a variety of riders

Suzuki Cruiser

Suzuki Cruiser

Suzuki cruisers began with the Intruder VS models, which were introduced in 1985

Suzuki Motorbikes

Suzuki boasts a broad range of motorbikes, from nippy off-road models to powerful superbikes

Other Makes

KTM Motorbikes


KTM has been making off-road bikes for around 80 years

BMW Motorrad Motorbikes

BMW Motorrad

BMW is one of the biggest names in motoring with a reputation for high-quality

Ducati Motorbikes


Ducati manufactures high-performance motorcycles that are as desirable as they are powerful

Harley-Davidson Motorbikes


Harley-Davidson is the quintessential American motorbike company

Kawasaki Motorbikes


The Kawasaki Japanese aircraft company started production of motorcycle engines in 1949

MV Agusta Motorbikes

MV Agusta

MV was formed in 1945 as Italy recovered from the second World War

Husqvarna Motorbikes


Known mainly for their motocross bikes, Husqvarna is a venerable company with a proud racing heritage

Aprilia Motorbikes


Aprilia is best known for its range of stylish, high-performance race bikes

Moto Guzzi Motorbikes

Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi was founded in 1921 and the company is best known for its range of cruiser bikes

Victory Motorbikes


Victory Motorcycles is an American company which began producing motorcycles in 1998 in Iowa

Zero Motorbikes


Zero Motorcycles is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles

Matchless Motorbikes


Matchless is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in Britain, founded in 1899

Indian Motorbikes


Founded in 1903, Indian motorcycles were made by a company based in Springfield, Massachusetts

Royal Enfield Motorbikes

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is the oldest bike manufacturer that is still in production

Piaggio Scooteres


Piaggio is one of the world's most popular scooter makes