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Editor - Ed Davies
Ed brings a broad experience of travel and feature writing to the MotorbikeTimes community and is a highly active contributor to our regular forum debates.
Email: edward.davies@motorbiketimes.com Tel: 020 7167 2667
Reporter - Jack Beresford
Something of a geek when it comes to motorbikes, Jack also has a particular interest in the annual TT event on the Isle of Man and cites Bristol as his favourite city to rev around.
Email: jack.beresford@motorbiketimes.com Tel: 020 7167 2667
Reporter - Ben Wilby
MotorbikeTimes' newest recruit, with a relatively short amount of time spent in the world motorbike press, Ben is already up to his elbows in it and getting his hands dirty.
Email: ben.wilby@motorbiketimes.com Tel: 020 7167 2667
Digital Editor - Ben Forder
A camera director and film technician with a diverse portfolio of work from music videos to political interviews, Ben is the creative force behind the video features of MotorbikeTimes.
Email: ben.forder@motorbiketimes.com Tel: 020 7167 2667
Cameraman & Digital Editor - Lee Lester
Whether astride a fireblade backwards, or zipped up in a dry suit on the front of windsurfer - as long as he's behind the camera lens, Lee is happy everywhere.
Email: lee.lester@motorbiketimes.com Tel: 020 7167 2667
Camerawoman & Digital Editor - Sonja Linnanvuo
With years of experience in the film and TV industry, Sonja has an eye for detail when it comes to camera and edit work.
Email: sonja.linnanvuo@motorbiketimes.com Tel: 020 7167 2667
Webmaster - Stewart Snow
One of the architects behind a number of successful online news platforms, Stewart has advised in the arena of web development for over a decade.
Email: stewart.snow@motorbiketimes.com Tel: 020 7167 2667
Marketing - Daniel Cartwright
Despite being a big bike fan and avid MotoGP follower, Dan uses a scooter to commute to the office and isn't ashamed to admit it. He works closely with our corporate partners to ensure their messages are spread effectively.
Email: daniel.cartwright@motorbiketimes.com Tel: 020 7167 2667

If you are interested in employment with MotorbikeTimes, please contact editor@motorbiketimes.com for full details.