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Bike Systems aiming big after Bike HUD makes Motorcycle Live debut

With Bike HUD you don't have to glance down at your speedo anymore
With Bike HUD you don't have to glance down at your speedo anymore
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Monday, 02, Dec 2013 04:10

by Chris Jefferies

Nestled in next to the noisy Crank'd stunt arena, possibly the most interesting stand at Motorcycle Live 2013 drew quite a steady stream of curious punters.

The stand in question was Bike Systems, where Managing Director Dave Vout was gleefully showing off his new invention - the Bike HUD system.

In-helmet technology is nothing new, and the introduction of Google Glass has got many companies thinking of how heads-up display technology could be incorporated into riders' lids.

But Bike HUD is completely different to the likes of Skully and LiveMap as it can enhance your riding experience by directly relaying information that you would normally have to glance down at your dials to read.

As a result, Dave claims that his invention can save you vital seconds where you would normally be taking your eyes off the road.

What's more, Bike HUD can be fitted to any bike and any helmet, so there is no need to trade in your beloved Shoei or designer Arai lid.

Wearing a helmet fitted with the system, it is clear to see that Dave has designed the display to be intuitive and not distracting.

Basic information like gear and revs are displayed, but the real boon comes from the in-built speedometer display, which is calculated using GPS.

The ingenuity of this particular aspect is that it is colour coded by speed band, so anything less than 30mph shows up in white, 30-40mph is red and 40mph and above is blue.

As a result you don't need to concentrate to read exactly what speed you are travelling at, just an peripheral awareness of the colour means you can know whether or not you're breaking the speed limit.

Aim big

Coming up with such a simple yet effective idea would be more than enough for most entrepreneurs, but Dave has much bigger ambitions.

He has already programmed track and touring modes and hopes to create an adventure mode and a wireless version of the system next year.

Although the Transport Research Laboratory has given Bike HUD the green light, official government approval is still yet to come.

That said, it easy to see this kind of technology taking off in motosport, as the track mode allows for quick readouts of split times and lap times.

To this end, Bike Systems has secured a number of sponsorship deals for the 2014 motosport season, including True Heroes Racing in the Triumph Triple series and BSB Superstock 1000 rider Anthony Park.

Funding such lofty aims will not be easy, particularly given the surprisingly low public retail price of £347, so Dave is looking to recruit investors through crowd-sourcing website Seedrs.

Those hoping to get in on the ground floor can buy up to a total of 15% equity in the company, which Dave has valued at £510,000.

It's surely only a matter of time until we see the next big leap forward in biker tech, and with such a simple, yet effective idea, Bike Systems could well be leading the charge.

To see more of the Bike HUD system, click on our slideshow below:

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