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Stubilizer aims to put an end to shaky motorbike action videos

There is a chance to purchase a Stubilizer when a pledge is made on Kickstarter
There is a chance to purchase a Stubilizer when a pledge is made on Kickstarter
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Friday, 14, Mar 2014 03:18

by Norah Lindsay

If you're a motorcyclist who loves to take videos of your journey, scenery or more creative action videos that encompass the MotoGP style or any other riding video for that matter.

You will probably be familiar with the annoying shaky videos that result from instances like head movement when wearing a helmet with a camera attached.

The team at MotorbikeTimes headquarters may have found a solution, the Stubilizer.

The world's first GoPro mount-compatible actively stabilizing device has been created to help put an end to shaky motorbike action videos.

Stuart Smith, a keen extreme sports fan who enjoys both motorbiking and paragliding; has created the Stubilizer under the company name RockSolid Technologies.

The Stubilizer is compatible with all the latest models of GoPro - the world's most versatile camera. There are three models made of the Stubilizer that vary in the number of axis they can stabilize movement over.

Stuart's main focus when creating the gadget had both motorbiking and paragliding in mind. The Stubilizer is incredibly versatile and can be attached to the end of a pole, to your helmet, to your handbars... the list goes on.

Over six months, from August 2013 to February, this year, Stuart has been researching, designing and prototyping the products.

Some of his main goals were to make sure it has true 'plug-and-play', compatibility with the GoPro camera in a protective case, and that it is rugged, compatible and simple enough to be suitable for action sports use.

At the beginning of March the launch of the Stubilizer began - Stuart listed the item on forums for paragliding, paramotoring, motorcycling, mountain biking, photography and action sports.

But most importantly, his Kickstarter project began on 2 March and will run until 11 April.

So far, the Stubilizer has obtained 94 backers and raised £23,687 towards the goal of £50,000 and it has only been 12 days.

Will you be making a pledge? It's a minimum of one pound to back the project and you'll get your money back if it doesn't make it to market.

The three different design models are as follows:

Stubilizer Solo - £139

The Solo model is recommended for motorcyclists, the gadget is great for activities that only really require stabilization in the roll axis.

The Solo can be mounted in any direction and will still function; upside down, on a pole - it will work just as well.

Stubilizer Duo - £199

The Duo stabilizes both the roll and pitch axis. Not only is the horizon being kept level, but the camera is being kept flat too - so any up and down pitching movement is eliminated.

Stuart suggests that the Duo would be impressive to use for motorbike wheelies.

If you are not sure which Stublizer to chose for your motorbike, Stuart recommends the Duo, it's more flexible than the Solo, but less bulky and complex than the Pro.

Stubilizer Pro - £299

The Stublizer Pro is the most complex out of the three Stubilizers and is primarily meant for sports that involve three-dimensional movement, like paragliding.

Although the Pro can give the most stable and smooth footage, you must be prepared to accept the limitations that the triple axis design imposes.

For more information on this exciting new project, and to find out all a month-by-month account of Stuart's journey developing the stabilizer check out: his Kickstarter page .

Also check out RockSolid's webpage for more details on the Stubilizer.

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