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The top five cameras for motorbikes, all under £300

Find the perfect camera for your motorcycle adventures!
Find the perfect camera for your motorcycle adventures!
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Wednesday, 03, Dec 2014 03:51

by Jo Subramaniam

Need some inspiration for your next Pulitzer prize winning work? Take a look at the MotorbikeTimes guide to the best cameras for snap happy bikers

Owning a motorbike brings a lot of perks with it, like the sweet freedom of never having to take public transport, enjoying adrenaline packed rides, and just having some good old 'you' time. And with the many different kinds of bike on offer in today's marketplace,comes the many different types of camera designed with the biker in mind.

Whether you're looking for a camera to document any cool treks you're planning to make, or just simply to record what goes on in front of you when riding to and from work, MotorbikeTimes has pulled together a list of the best to make sure you make the right choice when it comes to getting snap-happy - all for under £300.

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver

This revised take on GoPro's hugely popular Hero 3 has all the features that a good action camera needs, including 1080p footage and a 60fps option. The Hero 3+ Silver's matchbox design makes it easy to carry around with you without it getting in the way, and it's quite affordable considering the amount of options packed into its small size. If you're thinking of something a little more special, you could splurge on the higher end Hero 4+ Silver or Black editions, which come with SuperView and Auto Low Light Mode but, ultimately, the Hero 3+ [JJ1] Silver is still a good quality camera that won't break your bank account.

Price: £229.99

Visit: GoPro

Drift Stealth 2

Drift has certainly packed all that they can into the Stealth 2, which is their smallest, lightest and most aerodynamic model to date. This camera comes with a 300-degree rotatable lens, Wi-Fi connectivity, remote control and a three-hour battery life. It also features seven-element aspherical lens technology and can film HD videos in 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps, which is technically not as impressive as the GoPro. But the Drift Stealth 2 makes up for the low fps with the rotatable lens and its battery life, which are both quite useful when you hit the road.

If you're a fan of the Drift Ghost series, you'll recognise the same processing platform but will be more than pleased with the Stealth being 42 per cent lighter.

Price: £199.99

Visit: Drift

XCEL HD Sports Camera

This camera is definitely great value for money, and comes with a mounting and clear housing similar to the GoPro HD Hero2. There's also a 32GB Micro SD card and up to two and a half hours of recording time. The XCEL HD camera does well in bright light, and there are a range of accessories that come with it including remote control, carrying case, lens protector and adhesive mounts for curved and flat surfaces.

On the flip side, the XCEL HD Sport produces slightly shaky footage as compared to the GoPro, and can only shoot 1,080p or 720p at 30fps compared to the GoPro's impressive frame rate.

Price: £199.94

Visit: XCEL or Amazon

Dogcam Bullet HD 2

The name already sounds like its packed full of fun, but wait 'til you discover that the Dogcam Bullet HD 2 is the lightest and smallest full HD 1080p bullet camera there is. The 'bullet' element to the name references the fact that it's very compact and features a fixed focal lens.

The Dogcam Bullet HD 2 is waterproof for up to ten metres, and has even been tested to Formula One standards. Depending on what you're looking for in a bike camera, this could go higher up on the list due to its compact packaging. And only weighing in at 61.2g whilst being able to survive being driven over by a car must be a pretty good selling point as the video below would suggest.

Price: £149.95

Visit: Dogcam Sport

Contour Roam 3

We just might have saved one of the best for last. The Contour Roam 3 works underwater for up to ten metres without a case. It also sports a 270-degree rotating lens and laser alignment[JJ2] . There are even three HD modes; full HD, tall HD and action HD, as well as a slow motion feature.

The Contour Roam 3 also includes a quick photo mode and instant record switch, which ensures you won't miss a moment of action. There's also a standard tripod mount for those who like GoPro mounts but can't be bothered to shell out a few extra pounds.

Price: £186.99

Visit: Contour Roam or Amazon

So there you have it - our definitive list of the must haves for any photography freak on two wheels. Do you think we've missed something out, or have you tried out one of these cameras and want to let us know what you think? Tell us in the comments below, and happy snapping!

Camera jargon explained

1080p In simple terms, 1080p indicates 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution in progressive HD as opposed to interlaced HD. Progressive HD has double the image quality of interlaced HD. 760p means 760 horizontal lines of vertical resolution.

FPS Frame Rate, or frames per second, indicates the rate at which your camera produces complete frames or consecutive images. Another way to look at FPS is to understand it as the number of times per second that an image is refreshed. Generally speaking, the higher the FPS, the better the picture.

Laser alignment Using digital technology to create a line of sight and precise reference points for shooting images or videos. If you're looking for a little bit more information, the entire process is based on optical tooling, which uses the principle that light travels in straight lines and produces precise measurements that are unparalleled by manual or other methods.

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