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FEATURE: Five of the best winter motorcycle gloves

The Ducati Strada GT glove features - but what other gloves make the cut?
The Ducati Strada GT glove features - but what other gloves make the cut?
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Wednesday, 09, Jan 2013 02:12

by Ben Wilby

Winter gloves are one of the most important parts of riding your bike in the winter. You need a glove that is both warm and protected but which is also comfortable and flexible enough for your riding needs.

Even if it is not too cold outside getting on a bike is naturally colder - with wind chill having a huge effect on the temperature you experience.

Going just 60 miles an hour at zero degree temperatures can lower the temperature to -9, more than low enough to take all the fun out of riding.

Generally with gloves you get what you paid for. Cheaper gloves tend to get cold quicker, lack the breathability of pricier gloves and not last as long.

As a result the cheapest gloves in this list are £60 which sounds like a lot of money, but for a good pair that will make riding in winter easy, it is a necessary cost.

A key point to make with motorcycle gloves is that they can differ for everybody. Someone may find a pair perfectly comfortable, while others may find them awkwardly fitting, uncomfortable or simply bulky.

Even some of the bigger brands can occasionally differ in sizes between gloves so it is always advisable to try on the pair you are going to buy before purchasing.

While a large number of gloves claim to be 100% waterproof this is often a bone of contention - many will remain waterproof in a light shower, but in heavy rain for an extended period of time, even the best glove is unlikely to remain dry.

As a result it is always advisable to take another pair to ensure that any other journeys taking place the same day can be completed without the unpleasantness of wet gloves.

Hein Gericke Pathan Evo Sheltex Three-Finger Glove - £60

Ok, yes they look like mittens and will make you look like Spock but these are good gloves.

Definitely not for everyone the Hein Gericke Pathan is a three finger glove - something that sets it apart from many of its competitors.

The idea behind three-fingered gloves is that they feature less seams for cold air to get into and as a result, are warmer.

This particular design has received a lot of praise for staying warmer for longer than standard five - fingered versions and for becoming more comfortable quickly due to there being less stitching that needs wearing in.

A few slight problems do exist with these gloves - they can take some getting used to, gesturing to other road users can be problematic and they can make riding awkward at first.

Alpinestars C-1 Windstopper Gloves - £60

Alpinestars are one of the most familiar names in the industry and have a good reputation for producing decent gloves that are comfortable, long-lasting and dry.

This pair is specially-designed to protect against the wind and contains Gore Windstopper technology which is manufactured to provide maximum wind protection but still allow for breathability.

They also have the benefit of being less bulky than some of the other gloves available - something that will matter to many riders.

As a result they are not quite as warm as some of the others and a thermal lining may not be a bad idea.

At £60 however they are a comfortable, flexible and warm pair that should be more than good enough to tide over casual riders.

Held 2570 Freezer Motorcycle Gloves - £100

Held do a lot of different winter gloves to suit anything from mild cold to freezing temperatures and are known for their good quality, comfort and ability to withstand cold temperatures.

These gloves are one for the colder weather and feature a Gore-Tex membrane along with a Primaloft lining that both contribute to ensuring these are one of the driest gloves on the market.

They are also adjustable at both the wrist and cuff, giving them a little bit of customisation that helps them remain comfortable for longer periods of driving.

As with many winter gloves they are quite thick and this may be made worse should you have to thermal line them. However they are very comfortable, and once you have adapted to your new, fatter fingers they shouldn't be a problem.

Gerbing's G3 Heated gloves - £110

Heated gloves are not for everyone, they are often bulkier and many are connected to the bike, making them unsuitable for those who just want to get on and ride.

However heated gloves can cope with temperatures others simply can't match. The Gerbing's G3 heated glove is one of the better available.

Although expensive, the glove has the quality to go with the technology and many customer reviews have praised its hard-wearing design.

They can be plugged into the motorbike itself or connected through a Gerbing's jacket liner in a range that also includes a trouser liner to ensure it is not just your hands that can be kept warm.

If possible it might be worth trying before you buy with these gloves, the sizes tend to be quite big so a medium in other gloves might be a small with these - for the right rider however they will be invaluable.

Gerbing's also do a cheaper inner glove that allows you to put a glove over the top as well as pricier models that include their own battery packs.

Ducati Strada Winter GT Gloves - £169 (but £140 for a limited time)

Think owning a Ducati bike just isn't right unless you have all the gear? Then these gloves are perfect for you.

Featuring a dash of Ducati red, along with the name on the wrist and a small logo on one of the fingers these gloves are aiming for those truly obsessed with all things Ducati.

A Gore-Tex membrane, thermoformed Knuckle Armor, thermal liner, reflective trim and an Adjustable Gauntlet Wrist ensure that this glove has the amount of technology expected of a glove with a large price tag.

As a result these gloves are excellent touring gloves with an emphasis on comfort and functionality but will not be the best for very cold weather and will be no good in sub-zero conditions.

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