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Sons of Anarchy: The Bikes

Charming appears to be Harley heaven in hit US show, Sons of Anarchy
Charming appears to be Harley heaven in hit US show, Sons of Anarchy
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Monday, 28, Jul 2014 11:13

by Hayley McCrystal

The bikes of the hit US show, Sons of Anarchy, have left us wanting for more here at the MotorbikeTimes

Kurt Sutter's hit FX show, Sons of Anarchy, follows the lives of an outlaw motorcycle club in the small, ironically named, fictional town of Charming, California.

While the storylines and characters themselves are enough cause to watch, the awesome bikes on the show make it a must-see. Lead actor, Charlie Hunnam (Jax), describes the love of motorcycles as the 'absolute foundation of the Sons of Anarchy' so it stands to reason that a lot of love and attention went into production around the bikes.

"We are a throwback to the cowboys," said Theo Rossi who plays the character Juice, "instead of being on horses we're on motorcycles." Whilst we do not condone the actions of the characters, we can't help but be a little jealous of how cool these guys look and the motorcycles used in the show play a big part in this.

The majority of the club ride Harley Davidson Dyna Wideglides but it is the custom aspects of each character's bike that really makes them memorable. With custom bikes remaining as popular as ever , it's no surprise that these bikes were such a hit with fans of the show. Mark Boone Jr, who plays Bobby, has even gone on record as saying: "We basically saved Harley", speaking of the show's impact on the motorcycle industry.

So, without further ado here's our rundown - in no particular order - of our favourite bikes of the show and the characters that ride them.

Clay Morrow

Before being replaced by his stepson, Jax, Clay spent the majority of the series as President of the Motorcycle Club (MC) - the gang we follow during the series - and was one of the original nine members of the club. At the end of the season five, the last to be aired in the UK, we saw Clay stripped of his patch and exiled from the club. No doubt he'll claw his way back before the end of the next season. Considering actor, Ron Perlman, stated in an interview that he had never been on a bike before the series, he looks remarkably at home leading the pack on his Harley.


Clay rides a 2008 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide in the show. The bike has a Twin Cam 96 Pushrod V-twin engine with 1584cc engine displacement. The bike's torque comes in at 92ft lbs and its bore/stroke ratio at 95.25 x 111.25mm. This 2008 model has 4.8-gallon fuel capacity. Clay's bike also has a forward facing canon air filter, taped thunder header exhaust and custom T-bars with high risers for his handlebars. Showing his dedication to the club, he has a custom graphic of the reaper logo on the tank, complete with Sons of Anarchy, California tag.

Jax Teller

The recently crowned President of the MC was initially cast as the would-be saviour of the club, but seems to have lost his way as of late. Whilst Jax maintains that he will get out of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO) and take his ol' lady, Tara (Maggie Siff), and two young sons with him, the lure of power - along with the efforts of his manipulative mother Gemma (Katey Sagal) - seems to be too strong for the young leader to resist. It's no surprise that Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax, looks like a natural on his bike as the actor regularly rides his own personal Harley Davidson offset.


Jax rides a 2003 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport with custom T-bars. The bike has a V-twin, four stroke, engine with 1449 displacement and is powder coated black. The bike's torque is 78.2 ft lbs, has a 4.9-gallon fuel capacity and 95.3 ×101.6mm bore/stroke ratio. He also has a detailed graphic of the reaper proudly displayed on his fuel tank. Jax's bike has the same front drag fairing that many in the club do.

Piney Winston

As the oldest and one of the last original members, Piney will never give up the ride - even though we've always known the character to be carting around O². Instead of succumbing to four wheels, he settles for three with his Harley-Davidson Electra Tri-Glide. This trike gives us hope that no matter how old, you won't need to trade in your bike for a cage.


Piney's bike has an air-cooled, twin cam 103 valves pushrod-operated engine and features overhead valves with hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters with two valves per cylinder. Its torque is 101 ft lbs and has a six-speed transmission with 6.0 gal fuel capacity. The trike's bore/stroke ratio is 98.4 x 111.1 mm. It's even customised to holster his oxygen tank on the back between the wheels. The front fairing displays the reaper logo with what appears to be an oxygen mask and tank giving the bike even more character.

Opie Winston

Despite being killed off in season five, we couldn't leave Opie out of the line up. Like Jax, Opie is a club legacy as Piney's son. Opie's tumultuous first series hinted that this character was unlikely to find peace. Having been reunited with his family after being released from prison, his wife, Donna, was killed by fellow member, Tig, in a tragic case of mistaken identity - he was really targeting Opie himself. Talk about a rough year. Since then, coming to terms with Donna's death has meant throwing himself into the club and its business - much of which is on the wrong side of the law.


Being a part of the second generation of SAMCRO, he too had a 2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport for everyday use. The similarities with Jax's bike also subtly hints to his and Jax's relationship as best friends. His tank also holds the Sons logo atop a pile of skulls, completing the outlaw look. Opie is also seen restoring an old Harley Panhead throughout the series.

Tig Trager

Former 'Sergeant at Arms', Tig is probably the club's most violent and ruthless member. His loyalty to the club, and in particular, Clay, is solid but his... ahem, choice of hobbies often leave us feeling a little queasy. That said, Tig often gets the best one-liners of the show and is a dog lover, which we can always get behind.


Tig's 2006 Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob matches his personality completely, looking every bit the outlaw's motorcycle. The Street Bob has an air cooled, V-twin, 4 stroke engine with 1450cc engine displacement. Like Piney's trike, this bike also has a six-speed transmission but instead has an 85ftlbs torque and 4.7-gallon fuel capacity. The bike's bore/stroke ratio is 95.18 x 101.52mm. Tig's bike also features several spikes and skulls and the design choice of chrome alongside matte black presents an edgy contrast. He shows his allegiance to the club with a simple SOA logo on the bike's tank.

Chibs Telford

Chibs is the current Vice President of the MC under Jax and has a long history with the club. He was first a member of the Belfast charter with strong ties to the IRA then transferred to the SAMCRO charter.


Again, Chibs rides a Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob but stands out through his lack of front fairing and matte black Z-bars with risers. This no mess design is complimented by the Anarchy symbol on the bike's tank. The bike also hints at his Scottish roots with a small Saint Andrew's cross on the saddle.

That bring's us to the end of our list. Other characters, like the Mexican biker gang, the Mayans, bring their own unique style to the show through the bikes that they ride, showing a bike is not simply a mode of transportation but an extension of each character's identity. We couldn't agree more.

Can't get enough of Sons of Anarchy? Check out our feature on the gangs featured in Sons of Anarchy here now!

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