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Top five zany motorbike world records you never knew existed

Fancy blowing your horn to beat one of the oddest motorcycle world records there is when it comes to two wheelers?
Fancy blowing your horn to beat one of the oddest motorcycle world records there is when it comes to two wheelers?
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Wednesday, 11, May 2016 04:55

by Megan Henderson

It's true to say that there are thousands upon thousands of Guinness World Records, but join us as we take a look at some of the strangest records ever achieved on two wheels

When you think of motorbike world records you probably think: fastest motorbike, smallest motorbike, oldest motorbike, but we here at MotorbikeTimes has dug a little deeper for you, to find the most interesting, zany and downright crazy motorbike world records. Read on to find out what some people willing to do to have your name in the record books. You might just be slightly surprised.

1. Most motorcycle horns sounded simultaneously

This one may not be too crazy, but it is certainly not what we expected to see when we were pilfering through the record books. Apparently this record was achieved by Yamaha Motor Philippines in association with Ad Staunch Communication Network Inc. at the SM Mall of Asia Complex. The record was set on 7 June 2014 when 1,425 motorcycle horns were set off at the same time in recognition of Yamaha Club Day. You can check out the video below to hear all the noise around this record.

2. Most motorcycles driven over the body whilst laying on a bed of nails (for two minutes)

Italian, Simone Calati, beat the world record for most motorcycles driven over the body whilst laying on a bed of nails in two minutes on 12 May 2013. Calati broke the record in Cosenza, Italy, swiping the record from an Australian going by the name of The Space Cowboy, who performed the stunt as an audition for Australia's Got Talent. Ironically, The Space Cowboy also performed tricks on Italia's Got Talent, but he was certainly no match for Calati. We're not too sure why anyone would want to break this record, but it's certainly one for the books - and certainly one which will have you constantly saying 'ouch' as you watch on in bewilderment below.

3. Fastest motorcycle wheelie on a tightrope

When you think of wheelies you don't think of tightropes as well. Somehow Johann Traber of Flensburg, Germany, did though, as he performed a wheelie at 33 mph on a tightrope. Johann used a solid trapeze and attached it to the motorbike, and then to keep the motorbike balanced he had someone sit on the trapeze. Johann sped along on the back wheel of his motorbike and made it to a dizzying height of 40 metres, whilst his speed was verified by a traffic police with a speed radar. The whole thing sounds a bit nutty to us, but Johann made it into the record books on 13 August 2005 where he has remained since.

4. Longest distance on a tightrope with motorcycle (no front wheel)

Tightropes are again used in this record, which was made by Chen Shuangquan of China. Chen made the record on 15 October 2007. The front wheel was taken off of his motorbike and then Chen traveled 50 meters along a tightrope. The record was made in Taiwan for a show called Zheng Da Zong Yi (translating to the Guinness World Records Special), an outdoor event watched by millions. We're not sure why you would want to drive a motorbike along a tightrope, or who thought of it first, but Chen has had his name in the books since 2007.

5. Longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire

On 5 September 2014 two men did something incredibly crazy: they took the longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire. Nothing wakes you up in the morning like singed eyebrows right? Enrico Schoeman and André de Kock of South Africa drove a motorbike through a 120.40 meter tunnel in Parys, South Africa. The men daringly sped through a fiery inferno, and it is certainly a sight to see. Guinness World Records thought the attempt was so impressive they even spotlighted it on their website. Check out the video below to see these two men break the world record.

If you think that you can break a motorbike world record, why not give it a try? Records can be set as individuals, schools, charities or businesses and agencies. All you have to do is fill out a standard application and let Guinness World Records review it within 12 weeks. You can attempt a record by video submission, or invite a judge to come watch, it's all up to you.

Good luck to all you potential record breakers, we here at MotorbikeTimes think we are just going to keep the zany antics to a minimum for now and continue to sit behind our desks or on our bikes without any tightropes in sight.

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