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VIDEO: Lowest Vespa in the world filmed in Thailand

How low can you go? This modified scooter may be a step too far
How low can you go? This modified scooter may be a step too far
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Tuesday, 27, Aug 2013 03:51

by Damien Sharkov

Scooters are surprisingly marmite-like. Much like a jar of the brown and allegedly edible stuff they look relatively inoffensive, but there does seem to be a shocking range of responses to both products when it comes to their actual purpose.

There are many recipes for marmite. Some are very original. Similarly there are many ways to rebuild a scooter. Some are equally original. As is the case with both, most should not be considered.

The video bellow features three passengers riding a kind of chimera vehicle, with the front wheel and half the leg shield of a regular Vespa, cut well under where the headlight ought to be, with handlebars protruding from either side.

The front is joined to a motor over the back wheel, thanks to an elongated, makeshift under tray, sans seat.

The three passengers are seated millimetres from the surface of the road, with both wheels, essentially, at chin level height.

Needless to say the vehicle is almost invisible to a van or lorry. Thankfully one of the riders has cautiously strapped on a helmet.

This short clip seems the perfect example of how wide the connotations with scooters are, when juxtaposed with Vespa's latest glitzy campaign, which features their 946 straddled by fashion models on the streets of Paris, under the tagline "Are you entitled to be one of the lucky ones?"

Some hear 'scooter' and their minds shoot to some idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle, where we are all six feet tall, tanned all year long and spend most of our days barefoot, on the beach, leaning against a shiny Lambretta, and an ice cream cone in hand.

Others will recall their student jobs, delivering god awful takeaway, mounting a second hand Daelim moped, while being berated by white van horns, oblivious to the large "L" sticker on your ride.

Vespa seem to view the scooter in much loftier light. Some of their Thai customers obviously do not quite share the same image.

Ultimately, like marmite, we can but hope that those with differing opinions will find a way to peacefully agree to disagree.

What do you think about the world's lowest Vespa? Tell us in the comment section below.

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