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Sons of Anarchy: The Gangs

Sons of Anarchy brought us a number of gangs that could have had their own spinoff
Sons of Anarchy brought us a number of gangs that could have had their own spinoff
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Monday, 12, Oct 2015 03:27

by Daniella Almeida

Is the Mayans Motorcycle Club the best decision for a Sons of Anarchy spinoff? Read on to find out

It's no news to motorbike fans that FX's hit show, Sons of Anarchy, is set to be followed by a spin-off series detailing the power and events that follow the antagonistic motorcycle gang, the Mayans Motorcycle Club (MCC). As excited as we all are for a show centered around some of the greatest villains of all time, we at MotorbikeTimes can't help but to wonder what if the showrunners went a different way?

What if, instead of concentrating on the MCC, we got a show following one of the other colorful motorcycle gangs we saw in the critically acclaimed television program? We've gone through the trouble of detailing the clubs that have gone unnoticed during the spin-off selection process to provide you with a small glimpse of what could have been.

Each club has been rated on a scale of three, with one being the lowest rating a club could get and three the highest. Read on to find out which club we think should have been the main gang featured in FX's new program instead of the slatted new show, Mayans.

Calaveras Motorcycle Club

Fans of the spunky club might not have to deal with losing sight of them just yet. As a partner to the Mayans Motorcycle Club, the Calaveras Motorcycle Club (CMC) will, more likely than not, also be featured on the new program - at least in some capacity.

Naturally, however, they won't be the focal point and therefore, the intricacies of the gang won't be featured. But before we go there, let's start with the basics.

The Calaveras Motorcycle Club, based in Lodi, California, is composed mainly of Hispanic bikers, including the current leader, Roscoe, portrayed by Joseph Julian Soria. Former presidents include the usually unreliable Hector Salazar (Jose Pablo Cantillo).

The club colours are red, green, and white, and their patch, aka their emblem, is three skulls with the centre one wearing a crown and white and red roses.

Their stint on Sons of Anarchy was, well, rather unmemorable. The club was a rather low-ranking gang that did all of the dirty work for the Mayans Motorcycle Club. They were always pretty unreliable and incompetent, dealing in drugs - primarily heroin - and failing miserably a majority of the time.

But were they always the lowest of the low? The Mayans have always been competent, skilled, and cunning themselves, so why would they have a miserable club do all of their dirty work? These are the questions we should all be asking looking into the new spin off.

From our standpoint, however, something tells us that CMC have always been terrible. You don't crumble under the tutoring of a powerful motorcycle club. Instead, you would grow, but CMC never really does and for that reason we believe they've always been, well, amateurish.

Rating: 1/3

Should they have been the main gang: No, absolutely not. Even though we're sure they would have been perhaps more entertaining to watch as the "bullshit MC" (Clay Morrow), CMC just wouldn't be packing in the drama and grittiness we've grown to love from Sons of Anarchy. We're pretty sure we'll see enough of them on the program as is.

Devil's Tribe

The Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club (DTMC) was the brother club to our heroes, the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO). They were based in Indian Hills, Nevada, but were also very active in Las Vegas, Nevada.

DTMC was a one-percenter motorcycle gang whose president, Jury White (Michael Shamus Wiles), is John Teller's (Victor Newmark) Vietnam war pal whom Jax (Charlie Hunnan) affectionately referred to as his uncle. Vice president of the club was a man named Needles.

Their insignia is Satan's head on fire, and their rockers are written in blackletter, an Old English-style of writing. Fans of the show will also remember DTMC making most of their revenue through prostitution and running security for strip clubs.

During their run on Sons of Anarchy, they assisted their brother club, SAMCRO on a number of occasions. Most notably, they helped the Sons of Anarchy when they were being investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, by allowing SAMCRO to store their weapons on their property.

The club was eventually patched over by the Sons of Anarchy (brought in to their group) as a result of the Mayans frequent taxation on them for being a small club with only 18 members.

Because of their direct involvement with the Sons of Anarchy, it's highly unlikely that they would receive their own show, let alone be represented in the new spin off. Their small membership will stop them from being a focal point in the show and the only bit we might see of them is through the Mayan's dealings with SAMCRO, which are few and very far between.

Rating: 2/3

Should they have been the main gang: This is one that's a bit harder to decide. Although we would surely love to see more of the group that helped our heroes and eventually joined them, they wouldn't be much fun to follow in a spin-off.

With a small membership and very little internal drama, we can't imagine a prequel about The Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club to be all that interesting, either. However, we can be sure that they would be loads more interesting to follow than CMC if only because we might have caught a glimpse of our beloved Jax.

Grim Bastards Motorcycle Club

Like the Devil's Tribe Motorcycle Club, the Grim Bastards Motorcycle Club (GBMC) was also partnered with our anti-heroes, SAMCRO, but they were just so much cooler.

Composed mainly of African American membership, they too were based in Lodi, California and their president was T.O. Cross (Michael Beach) until he left to join the Sons of Anarchy. Presumably Sticky (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) took over as president.

The club colours are orange and black and their insignia is that of a laughing skull and fist. The company, itself, is based on and played by an actual MC out of California called 1DOWN MC. We mean, how cool is that?

To add to the cool-factor of the club, Michael Beach's portrayal of T.O. Cross is heavily based on 1DOWN MC's active president, Goldie DeWitt. Furthermore, DeWitt actually played a character on the show as well, sergeant-at-arms Menace. Other members of the club were played by actual members of 1DOWN MC.

Amongst being composed of an actual motorcycle club with a real and captivating history, Grim Bastards also provided the audience with a hell of a lot more drama than DTMC ever did.

For example, during the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, the alliance between SAMCRO and GBMC was left uncertain when key members of the former club pursued and killed a murderer linked to the president of the latter company.

This storyline subsequently created a tension between the two clubs unlike any we had seen between alliances. It forced viewers to acknowledge the stand alone depth of Grim Bastards outside of its association with the Sons of Anarchy - and, to be honest, left us wanting more.

Rating: 3/3

Should they have been the main gang: Absolutely. Outside of the dueling Mayans and Sons of Anarchy, The Grim Bastards have the most depth and story line that could be dealt to a club. GBMC had the most potential out of every club and would have been less obvious for a follow up than the predictable Mayans.

Amongst this, the fruitful history of 1DOWN MC would have been an incredible opportunity for an amazing historical drama television program. The history, drama, material, and cool factor are all there. We can only hope that we'll live to see a show about these Grim Bastards some day.

What do you think? Who do you feel should've been the gang to follow by way of a spin-off? Let us know your thoughts.

Make sure you check out our other Sons of Anarchy feature on the bikes featured in Sons of Anarchy here now!

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