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Swincar Spider Electric motorbike crawling on a road near you soon

Swincar has created a spider-like electric bike
Swincar has created a spider-like electric bike
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Saturday, 04, Jul 2015 04:32

by Ellie Pritchard

Watch the astounding video footage of the Swincar Spider Electric as it gets ready for production

We've seen our share of wacky bikes at MotorbikeTimes, but this is really something else. Meet the Swincar Spider Electric: a four wheeled, tilting concept machine. Not only does it look absolutely fascinating, but it is remarkable at toughing out those rough terrain landscapes.

Because all four wheels, which are located at the end of spider leg-esque stalks, have their own electric hub motors, the vehicle can lean into the faster turns just like a motorbike can, but is also more than capable of powering up those high gradients, and it could easily ride diagonally through ditches.

Surprisingly, this concept motor isn't a new design. In fact, Pascal Rambaud, Jerome Arsac and Thierry James, from France, have been working on their all-terrain vehicle for a grand total of eight years. They're also making plans to create a two seater version, along with a version equipped with a joystick to accommodate riders with disabilities.

What really makes this bike spectacular is its tilting. The Spider's independent suspension arms provide each wheel with an astounding range of vertical and tilting movement, so it can really tackle rough terrain. On smoother surfaces, it leans into turns with ease and elegance.

As for steering, it has hydraulically-actuated four wheel steering and braking, which makes the bike quick, easy and nimble to turn - even on those really fast bends - as well as giving each wheel the much needed flexibility to cope on those extra tricky terrains.

Each wheel has its own motor, at either one or 1.5 kW, and is driven from a battery pack that is stored under the driver's legs that contains two, four, or six kWh, depending on what's necessary, making it technically a low powered vehicle. However, if a higher powered drive is required, it wouldn't be difficult to adjust the battery power and wheel size.

Excited? So are we. And we are delighted to announce that this creepy crawly bike is silent, emission free and, more importantly, almost ready for production. Swincar is currently looking for investors, distributors, supply and industrial partnerships to make this concept a reality.

To check out this cool concept vehicle, watch the video below.

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