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New electric motorbike produced from Saietta

The new electric-powered New Generation Saietta promises to deliver a high-performance motorcycle
The new electric-powered New Generation Saietta promises to deliver a high-performance motorcycle
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Tuesday, 02, Jun 2015 12:55

By Josh Budd

Saietta group releases further images previewing the new electric-powered NGS motorbike

Oxfordshire-based design engineering specialists, Saietta Group, have released images of a new electric motorbike, the Next Generation Saietta (NGS).

Glimpses of the NGS promise a slick, elegantly designed motorcycle with aspirations to produce premium electric-powered racing bikes that are able to endure the harshest of racing conditions, whilst resembling a similar look to its predecessor, the Saietta R, as previously reported on MotorbikeTimes.

Lawrence Marazzi, Saietta Group co-founder, explained the company's aim, hoping to "shake up vehicle sectors including cars, scooters, motorcycles and tuk tuks, with electric drivetrains that surpass what can be achieved with internal combustion engines."

Indeed, the NGS offers a promising glimpse into the future of electronic motor engineering, and it is Saietta Group who is pioneering new and innovative engine designs with Lawrence going on to suggest how the NGS will demonstrate the company's core competence in design, engineering, integration and manufacture within the electric motorcycle field.

Saietta Group is a relatively new engineering company, arising from the merging of Agility Global and Agni Motors. Yet they have certainly proved themselves as a powerful contributor to the world of electronic vehicular engineering. Arvind Rabadia, co-founder of Saietta Group, has proudly spoken of the group's successes, saying: "Our motors have powered over 80 per cent of the winning electric race bikes globally, set electric powerboat world speed records and even powered the first manned electric helicopter!"

After transforming an ex-RAF base in Oxfordshire into over 20-miles of privately owned racetrack, it is clear that Saietta has both the facilities and expertise to innovate and develop electric-engine technology - and even rival the performance of internal combustion engines.

Although Saietta Group has provided no further details concerning the progress of their new NGS motorbike, we at MotorbikeTimes are very excited to follow future developments and releases from Saietta Group. If you're interested in receiving updates on the NGS motorcycle and other projects by Saietta Group, you can sign up to their newsletter here.

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