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Alpinestars releases Marc Marquez MotoGP Mugello crash telemetry

MotoGP rider Marc Marquez crashed out at 209 mph in the practice race at Mugello
MotoGP rider Marc Marquez crashed out at 209 mph in the practice race at Mugello
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Tuesday, 04, Jun 2013 03:12

by Suzette Rabout

Motorbike crashes can result in serious injury at any speed, so Marc Marquez is definitely lucky to survive a crash at 209 mph with minimal damage.

Riding his Repsol Honda RC213V, Marc lost control while travelling at a speed of 209 mph, but the Aplinestars suit which he was wearing saved his skin (literally) after he jumped away from the bike to avoid hitting the upcoming wall.

With the speed of the races which take place in MotoGP, if you blinked you may well have missed it, but Alpinestars has released the telemetry from his Tech Air race suit and split the information down to see exactly what happened in detail (see below).

The crash itself lasted only 4.25 seconds, and it took only 0.08 seconds for the suit to realise the crash was taking place and a further 0.05 seconds to deploy the air bag.

The telemetry shows that Marc had 0.03 seconds between the time the airbag inflated to the time of impact with the ground.

Walking away with just soft tissue injuries to his shoulder, a little damage to his upper arm and a grazed chin, it seems the rider has a lot to thank his Tech Air suit for.

The Crash Telemetry picture below shows the accident in detail:

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