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Dainese Manis launches revolutionary back protector

New Dainese Manis back protector
New Dainese Manis back protector
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Tuesday, 22, Jul 2014 03:38

by Ingeborg Holba

Dainese Manis reveals revolutionary motorcycle safety wear

Since the first back protector was invented by Dainese back in 1981, there has been a remarkable evolution regarding riders' safety. Today, Dainese Manis offers a new back protector that revolutionises motorcycle safety wear. Manis endeavours to provide a unique freedom of movement for the rider, along with fantastic protection as the protector molds to your back to adapt to the exact position of the body.

The inspiration for the name and appearance of the back protector came from the pangolin - a Southeast Asian and Sub-Saharan African mammal whose body is entirely covered by overlapping keratin scales and uses them in such a way to form flexible and protective armour. Flexible being the most important word, Dainese Manis' protection increases the dissipation of energy while decreasing pressure on the body due to the overlapping scales acting as a bridge when the rider is in motion.

Numerous perforations in the back protector allow the dissipation of body heat, and the back protector sets new ergonomic standards due to its adaptive protective surface.

The protection's padding is made up of three different materials, in addition to a crash absorb material joined to a comfort layer made of expanded polyethylene. Fastened to another layer of padding are the scales, which are joined together by a central pivot. Several lateral flexible silicone joints provide control and stability of movements.

These overlapping scales and flexible joints provide the Manis with four degrees of freedom, able it to extend in length by eight per cent, and allow it to bend laterally and forwards by 25 degrees.

Furthermore, D-TEC engineers have developed a way for the back protector to move freely instead of remaining static by fastening the protective components in order to ensure maximum protection for the spine. While the protector's main objective is to protect the back, it can also twist in order to follow all chest movements providing full safety.

Now, we're all for new technology here at MotorbikeTimes, but we could be convinced that this design is something of a human/reptile protection device. However, we're not. Check out the pic above and tell us we're not crazy?!

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