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Middle-aged riders more accident prone, Swinton Bikes study says

The survey claims 13.2% of riders aged between 33 and 46 have made a claim in the last seven months
The survey claims 13.2% of riders aged between 33 and 46 have made a claim in the last seven months
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Thursday, 22, Aug 2013 02:42

by Daniel Mackrell

People in their thirties and forties are more likely to have a motorcycle accident than younger riders, according to a research by Swinton Bikes.

The study of more than 20,000 claims show that 13.2% of riders aged between 33 and 46 made a claim between January and August 2013.

Only 5.82% of riders aged between 16 and 20 made a claim during the same period.

Dan Agate, Head of Swinton Bikes said: "Many people think that it's bikers who take to the road for the first time that are at the highest risk, but these figures reveal something quite different.

"While confidence is an important part of riding, it's important that motorcyclists are aware of their ability level, as overstepping this mark can have serious consequences."

The study also showed that riders with five years experience had more chance of making a claim compared to riders that have only had their licence for one year.

However, it's not all bad news for veteran motorcyclists, as those with more than 20 years of riding experience have the lowest number of claims.

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