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MCIA calls on CBT riders to get full A1 licence

A CBT has to be renewed every two years, whilst an A1 licence lasts forever
A CBT has to be renewed every two years, whilst an A1 licence lasts forever
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Friday, 02, Aug 2013 03:36

by Daniel Mackrell

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is calling for more CBT riders to take an A1 licence.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) qualifies 125cc motorcycle riders for two years, after which point they have to renew it again, but the one-day course leaves riders with minimal knowledge of life on the road.

An A1 licence provides much more in-depth training, and lasts for a lifetime.

The MCIA says that A1 training can help improve road-skills and would generally benefit 125cc bike riders.

Karen Cole, Safety and Training Director for the MCIA said: "Records of how many people are repeating CBTs are not kept by the Driving Standards Agency, but we know that 190,000 CBT certificates are issued each year, a sizeable percentage of which are bound to be repeats.

"Riders in this category should put the money they'd spend on another CBT (somewhere between £100 and £150) towards training and testing for a licence which will last a lifetime," she added.

MCIA has said that riders currently holding a CBT would only have to pay from around £121.50 to take the three parts of the test, but there are also training costs on top of that.

Riders are currently advised to start training for an A1 test around four to six months before their CBT needs to be renewed.

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