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Buell Racing continues to tease upcoming 1190 RX

The image was recently posted on the bike manufacturer's Facebook page.
The image was recently posted on the bike manufacturer's Facebook page.
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Tuesday, 13, Aug 2013 04:57

by Daniel Mackrell

Erik Buell Racing has continued to tease its 1190 RX model design by releasing another tantalisingly obscure picture of the bike.

The image was recently posted on the bike manufacturer's Facebook page with the words: "And in the darkness, something lurks, waiting hungrily for feeding time in the fall..."

Buell has certainly continued to get riders' mouths watering as they continue to drip-feed pictures, including another picture they posted on Facebook last month of the bike's dual-seat rear end.

The motorbike will be the first to come out of Buell's racing range since the 1190RS, which was introduced in 2011 as part of the company's 2012 sports bike production.

The RS was promoted in a similar way to the RX, with the first picture showing just the wind-shield of the bike.

The new RX model is expected to be a cheaper alternative to the RS, which will mean less power, but it would be lighter, which can make it better for a mix of on-road and off-road riding.

The move towards introducing a new bike in the range shows an expansion in Erik Buell Racing's plans, as they attempt to broaden the amount of sports bikes they produce, and look to increase their sales as the years progress.

Picture courtesy of Erik Buell Racing.

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