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Johammer unveils impressive electric motorcycle with 124-mile range

The Johammer J1 motorbike is unlike any other electric bike on the market
The Johammer J1 motorbike is unlike any other electric bike on the market
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Wednesday, 16, Apr 2014 01:51

by Norah Lindsay

The team at MotorbikeTimes have stumbled across yet another ambitious electric motorbike invention.

Not only is this Austrian-born motorcycle designed peculiarly to resemble a snail, but the heavyweight motorbike can travel 124 miles on a single charge.

Johammer, an Austrian-based motorcycle company, has invented J1, the first mass production electric motorcycle that can cover 124 miles without needing to be recharged.

The bike is available in yellow, green and blue as well as white and silver, and made its first public appearance at the Linz Motorcycle Show in February.

This futuristic motorbike is arguably one of the most impressive and unconventional motorcycles on the market at the moment.

Talking tech

The bike has electric gears and controls integrated in the back wheel, a high-resolution multi-functioning rear view mirror, which includes dashboard indicators, and runs on a brushless air AC motor with a single-level gear.

Additional cutting-edge features include the hub-centre steering that is used by the front wheel and a double wishbone style front suspension system.

There are two versions of the Johammer bike, the J1.150 model that weighs 159kg, has a battery capacity of 8.3 kWh and a limited speed of 120 kmph.

The larger J1.200 model will take most motorcycle fanatics by surprise, weighing 178kg with a battery capacity of 12.7kWh and is limited to 120 kmph.

It seems uncanny for the J1.200 to range to cover 200 kilometres on a single charge, but Johammer has made this a reality.

One of the most impressive mechanisms of the electric motorcycle has to be the lithium-ion battery which was created by Johammer.

The battery has a guaranteed service life of 200,000 km (123,000 miles) without dropping below 85 per cent capacity.

The Johammer also has two footrests, for laid-back cruising or riding in a more urban, upright position.

The bike also has no foot controls to worry about, as the front and rear brakes are operated by the handlebars.

The J1.150 is on sale for ?23,000 (£18,972) and the J1.200 is worth ?25,000 (£20,622).

Impressed? We sure were, as it seems that the Austria-based motorcycle company has really pushed the boat out to ensure a major stake in the emerging electric motorbike industry.

Enjoy a short video of the Johammer in action below:

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