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KTM RC25 sports bike set for 2014 release date?

The RC25 is likely to be based on the 1190RC8R (above)
The RC25 is likely to be based on the 1190RC8R (above)
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Friday, 15, Feb 2013 02:51

by Jack Beresford

Reports suggest that KTM is planning to launch a new 250cc sports bike in the near future, following an initial unveiling in India.

According to a number of news outlets on the internet, the firm is planning to unveil a new KTM sport bike at some point in the next two years.

The new vehicle is expected to be a 250cc street bike, with early indications suggesting that the bike will be released at some point early in 2014.

Rumours suggest that the new bike will be heavily influenced by the KTM 1190RC8R, with early reports labelling the new model as the KTM RC25.

This new addition could find it tough going in the highly competitive 250cc market though, with the Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250R both enjoying prolonged popularity with riders in this market.

And with the new Yamaha 250cc sport bike set to arrive soon, it sounds like we're going to be spoilt for choice.

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