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Saietta R - an Electrically Powerful Beast

The Saietta R is revolutionising the world of electric motorbikes
The Saietta R is revolutionising the world of electric motorbikes
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Friday, 13, Jun 2014 02:34

by Laura Diaz

MotorbikeTimes was given an exclusive insider's look at Agility Global's electric motorbike Saietta R and we've the low-down on this magnificent ride

Ever longed for a motorbike that is an intricate combination of power and fuel efficiency? For those who believe no such bike exists, think again. The Saietta R will surely change your mind on this matter. The team at MotorbikeTimes personally inspected this electric beast at London Motorexpo.

The 'seductively powerful and aggressive' Saietta R has arrived to revolutionise the world of electric motorbikes. The muscular physical appearance of this high torque electric motor bike is quite at odds with its astounding fuel economy. It only takes 60 pence to ride 100 miles on this beauty - a fuel economy level quite difficult to beat. Furthermore, its petrol efficiency does not interfere with the Saietta R's power. Capable of going from 0 to 60 in three seconds, the bike's top speed is 105 mph. As you can see, riders, your need for speed will be satiated without draining your wallet.

MotorbikeTimes spoke to Agility Motors Zydrune Seskeviciute to discuss the finer details on this magnificent motorbike. She explained, "The Saietta R really is the next generation in electric urban sport motorbikes. This bike has a very strong visual signature, and this is exactly a direct result of the high-tech, very high performance electric technology that has been built in the bike."

Seskeviciute also discussed the amazing features exclusive to the Saietta R, "Our unique composite monocoque chassis, which holds all the batteries, is essentially a centerpiece of the bike. The composite monocoque chassis was inspired by Formula 1 materials and is the first used in a motorbike. So, the whole design and the style of the bike has been developed around that."

On the Saietta R's unique combination of power and fuel efficiency, Seskeviciute commented, "[The bike] essentially has a series of integral features that use very high performance electric technology and are also very, very striking. It has a visual signature which represents the advancement and sort of forward-looking technology that we have entered."

"It also has a very high power, high torque motor which helps to get that instant power and instant acceleration to the bike," Seskeviciute continued.

Also revealing that Agility Motors developed "a unique and rare front suspension in-house" - essential in giving more stability and control to the bike on riding - Seskeviciute went on: "Another very important feature is the short wheelbase, which is similar to a 250 MotoGP bike. This gives the bike agility and makes it very easy to ride in the city and around corners."

The Saietta R is available in three standard colours: white, red and black. However, customers are able to request customised motorbikes in any high-finish colour. The limited edition model, Saietta R Premier, is available at a cost of £19,770, and will be available this year. The motorbike's standard model costs £16,770 and will be delivered in 2015.

Reports indicate the Motorexpo will receive a total of 400,000 visitors in Canary Wharf, London, throughout its run between 9 and 15 June and is continuing to provide attendees with the unique opportunity to come face-to-face with car models of high prestige, including Maserati, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley and McLaren to name a few, as well as 0 most importantly - marvelous motorbikes on display.

For those who have not yet attended the London Motorexpo, MotorbikeTimes highly recommends the trip and, as an added incentive, entry is free.

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