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David Beckham discusses motorbike trip through Brazilian Amazon

David Beckham rides through Brazilian Amazon in BBC One's documentary 'Into the Unknown'
David Beckham rides through Brazilian Amazon in BBC One's documentary 'Into the Unknown'
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Tuesday, 03, Jun 2014 12:27

by Laura Diaz

Retired star footballer, David Beckham, ditches his glamorous life in favour of a rough motorbike trip through Brazil's Amazon for the BBC One documentary, 'Into the Unknown.' The anecdotes Beckham shared about his trip will surprise you!

As MotorbikeTimes reported last month, David Beckham will star in a BBC One documentary in which he travels across the Brazilian Amazon on his motorbike. Beckham made some early revelations at a Q&A yesterday (2 June), and what he had to say will most certainly surprise you!

The Beckham name is a synonym for football and fashion all throughout the world. However, the famed clan's patriarch has another passion he has come to explore further since his retirement: motorbiking. For the past eight years, Beckham has been an avid rider, yet his busy schedule kept him from pursuing long-term expeditions. Now that he has retired from football, Beckham decided to take on the challenge of driving through the Brazilian Amazon, a place where he would enjoy something fame and fortune has never given him: anonymity.

Beckham took on the road with three of his closest friends, world-renowned photographer and video director Anthony Mandler, experienced motorbike rider Derek White, and his best friend since the age of 14 Dave Gardner, as reported by Daily Mail . Their expedition was to be filmed for the BBC One documentary, David Beckham Into the Unknown. The 90-minute film was shot by Mandler and gave Beckham the chance enjoy anonymity for the first time in his adult life.

The new documentary star took part in a Q&A yesterday (2 June) and disclosed some details about his experience. The retired footballer told the Daily Mail, "I've never kind of been on a boys' trip before, and the fact that I could do it with three of my best friends on motorbikes, which we love, and obviously going to Brazil, which is a country that I love, but obviously going into the jungle which I had never done before." He continued, "That was refreshing, and obviously as we went along the trip I was being less recognised, and less recognised. By the end of the trip when we were in the tribe, they didn't know who I was, they didn't know what football was, and it was incredible."

Among the challenges the four travellers encountered along their journey were tarantulas, six-foot anacondas, 'leaky' canoes, sleeping in hammocks, and not being able to wash as often as usual. Sounds like the star footballer enjoyed quite the life-altering experience he sought.

'David Beckham Into the Unknown' will air Monday, 9 June at 20:30 on BBC One. All football and motorbike fans are encouraged to tune in!

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