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Ralph Lauren host Parisian biking event

The event seamlessly combined fashion and bikes
The event seamlessly combined fashion and bikes
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Friday, 06, Jun 2014 01:00

by Laura Hastings

Classic American brand Ralph Lauren held an impeccably stylish biker rally in the streets of Paris, and we have photos of equally beautiful bikes and clothes to make you drool

In promotion of their denim line, RRL, Ralph Lauren hosted a biking event on Sunday 25 May. 200 riders took part in a journey through some of the most beautiful parts of Paris, in what was surely the most glamorous display since the time of Marie Antoinette.

The vintage and customised bikes complimented the style of the RRL line, which has a definite Americana aesthetic, and is inspired by authentic, traditional workwear. The event was in association with Blitz Motorcycles, a fantastically hipster Parisian motorbike mechanics company.

The route undertaken by the riders was just under 100 km, and took three hours to complete, winding through Versailles, the Chateau de Dampierre, and Saint Cyr l'Ecole, before finishing at the Ralph Lauren flagship store on the Boulevard Saint Germain.

Some seriously stylish bikes were on show, thanks to Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel of Blitz Motorcycles, such as the Egli Vincent, Triumph Rickman, Norton Commando, and countless vintage BMWs and customised Harleys. Fred was extremely pleased with how the event went: "We are blessed to have been able to collaborate with RRL for this RRL Ride. The passion that drives the people behind RRL is the exact same one that drives us: authenticity, heritage, premium quality.

"This event, in our point of view, has really written history and anyone who attended it was overwhelmed - us included of course. Everyone we met since is begging for us to redo it very soon," he continued.

While the RRL line is inspired by the designer's life on his Colorado ranch, so much of the workwear style lends itself to a classic "biker" look, such as the denim worked with artisan techniques to create exceptional resistance.

Cruising the streets of Paris on a vintage bike is pretty much the dream, everyone at MotorbikeTimes is angling for an invite to the next RRL event! Check out the slideshow below for photos from this unique event.

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