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Honda recalls 25,000 bikes in recall rollout

2,222 Goldwings have been recalled
2,222 Goldwings have been recalled
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Wednesday, 13, Jan 2016 11:05

by Joe Jeffrey

Over 24,000 bikes recalled over discovered faults

Honda has announced the recall of over 24,000 Goldwings, Goldwing Baggers, and Shadows after finding possible faults in each bike.

The recall for the Goldwings, which affects 2,222 GL1800 and GL1800 F6B Bagger models, centres around an issue pertaining to the rear brake, which may become applied unexpectedly and cause a fire.

The recall affects GL1800 Goldwings and GL1800 F6B Baggers built between June 2000 and September 2015 according to a notice on the official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency's website.

Honda believes the rear brake problem is down to a check orifice valve which may become blocked with deposits, increasing the risk of a crash as well as overheating which could result in sufficient heat causing fire.

In a press release issued, Honda has stated the recall will see all affected bikes have their master cylinder and rear brake master cylinders replaced.

A To find out if your bike is affected, find the Honda. spokesperson said: "All GL1800 and GL1800B owners with bikes affected will by now have received an official recall notice. The models included in the recall were manufactured between 2000 and 2015.  This is very much a precautionary investigation, with safety in mind, as there has been only a handful - single figures - of instances of brakes dragging to a dangerous level."

Meanwhile, stateside, Honda continues with the recalls with its Shadow cruiser model, recalling a whopping 22,142 models made between 2010 and 2016 over an issue surrounding an engine vibration that may cause the bank angle sensor wire to rub against the wire harness joint connector. This can result in loss of sensor signal, which could cause the engine to stall.

The affected bikes include the 2012-2014 VT750CA, VT750C2, and VT750C2F, 2011-2016 VT750C, 2013-2016 VT750CS, 2010-2016 VT750C2B, and 2013-2014 VT750C2S models.

if you're worried your bike may be affected, contact your local Honda dealership by clicking here.

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