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Karachi police accused of slashing motorbike tyres to stop theft

Better safe than sorry
Better safe than sorry
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Tuesday, 04, Mar 2014 02:19

by Tom Walsh

Police officers in the Pakistani city of Karachi have taken a somewhat drastic approach to encouraging bikers to lock up their models.

A group of offices from the city's Boat Basin police station have taken to puncturing the tyres of motorbikes parked up at the Dolmen City Mall both to prevent them from being stolen.

They hope this will effectively warn the owners of the importance of locking up their bikes.

Owners were not aware of the damage until they were forced to leave the shopping centre during a fire drill, when it became clear that around 100 bikes had essentially been vandalised by the officers.

Even worse, the police had also removed the tyre valves from the bikes, meaning they could not be reinflated.

Nashit Munshi, who works in the building, told The Express Tribune that he plans to challenge the officers' behaviour in court.

"It is unfair to puncture a vehicle to avert theft. Next time, the police will take away our household objects to avert robberies," he told the news provider.

Clifton police assistant superintendent Abadit Nisar was also quoted as saying he had not heard about the incident but planned to investigate.

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