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Leonhardt Gunbus 410 named largest street legal motorbike in the world

The gargantuan Leonhardt Gunbus 410
The gargantuan Leonhardt Gunbus 410
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Wednesday, 13, Nov 2013 05:01

by Jake Polden

Proving size does matter, German manufacturer Leonhardt has developed the world's largest road legal motorcycle - the Gunbus 410.

11 foot from left to right, the Gunbus 410 weighs in at just over 1,400 lbs and has the capability of intimidating every other road user.

Dubbed "the most perfect combination of performance potential and a well balanced design" by the manufacturers themselves no less, the Leonhardt Gunbus 410 is equipped with a cubic inch V-Twin engine with a staggering engine capacity of 6,728cc, 38-inch front tyres, 42-inch rear tyres, and even a reverse gear.

Made in-house and assembled by hand, Leonhardt is particularly proud of this gargantuan engineering achievement, and despite not making it clear who the intended audience is, the company is confident that others will share this passion.

Marketed at a staggering $350,000 (£218,820), potential customers will indeed have to share their passion - perhaps even more so - and may even have to own a ladder and aircraft hangar in order to store it.

To see more pictures of the world's largest street legal bike, click on the slideshow below:

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