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Liking Harley Davidson on Facebook shows a low IQ, study claims

A like for Harley Davidson can portray a low IQ, study claims
A like for Harley Davidson can portray a low IQ, study claims
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Tuesday, 12, Mar 2013 03:39

by Suzette Rabout

A new study claims to show that what a person likes on Facebook can reveal a lot more about them than they may care to share with their online friends.

This is according to a paper published yesterday (11 March) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal by a team led by Michal Kosinski, a University of Cambridge researcher.

Whether you are liking Harley Davidson or Lady Gaga each of these likes can give out information which you may not be aware of.

Computers used in the study were surprisingly accurate in predicting facts about thousands of users just by tracking the likes on their pages, with the following success rates:

  • 93 per cent of the time about whether the user was male or female
  • 88 per cent of the time about whether a male user was homosexual or heterosexual
  • 95 per cent of the time about whether the user was African American or Caucasian

Results showed that those who liked 'Morgan Freeman' and 'curly fries' were shown to be more intelligent and those who liked 'Tyler Perry' or 'Harley Davidson' are said to have a lower IQ.

However, bikers shouldn't worry too much as the accuracy of predicting a persons IQ was substantially lower, at just 40 per cent.

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